Lawmakers explain votes on gun law

ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB) — Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered a passionate plea to tighten gun restrictions in New York State and days later, the proposal passed through Albany.

Many gun owners see the new restrictions as a direct hit on their right to bear arms. Now some state lawmakers are having to defend their decisions to their constituents.

A News 4 viewer sent us a copy of a letter he had received last week from his Republican State Senator Mark Grisanti, assuring him that Grisanti would not vote for certain gun legislation. It turns out the legislation Grisanti promised not to vote for was Bill 1422, which was much more extreme and would have forced gun owners turn in certain weapons, and only allow five shots in a clip.

What Grisanti did vote for will not take away anyone's guns, and it includes a provision that protects the privacy of pistol permit holders more than Bill 1422 would have. Grisanti represents the northern half of Buffalo. Democrat Senator Tim Kennedy represents the southern half and makes no apologies for his yes vote.

Sen. Kennedy said, "Something needed to be done, something needed to be done expeditiously and we acted quickly."

For Democrat Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak it may have been a tougher decision. His district stretches from the city line all the way through Lancaster. He voted no on the gun bill. Democrat Robin Schimminger also voted no. His Assembly District covers the Tonawandas and he says NY State already had the most restrictive firearms laws in the nation.

The fact that this bill had so much support from downstate lawmakers took the heat off of Western New York Democrats who went against the grain.

UB Political Science Asst. Professor James Battista said, "If a vote's not going to be close, why exert party pressure on it? You get what you want without having to punish anybody."

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Cuomo is a disaster. He will further plunder the state.. His gun control law is a recent example of why people are sick and tired of New York State. You continue to elect 'progressives' like this. Government control is what these people stand for. I am so glad I moved out from this disastrous state 13 years ago. You should do the same, but not if you're a progressive. Stay there if you are please. If you want a better life, leave New York State. You will do so much better if you do. Really, you will.

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